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Special Visitors

  • Captain Carl – A marine biologist who brings a mobile tide pool with live sea animals that the children can touch and examine.
  • Lizard Wizard – A great hands on program with reptiles, amphibians and insects.
  • Environmental Nature Center – Explore fur real animals and their habitat.
  • Officer Friendly – Orange County Sheriff Association presents a safety program. The children get to see and sit in a real patrol car.
  • Fire Fighters – Fire fighters discuss fire safety with children.
  • Mad Scientist – A variety of science programs for the children.
  • Dental Program – Video and dental presentation emphasizing the importance of brushing teeth.
  • Sheldon the Shark – A water safety program through CHOC.

Musical Performances

Our school is known for our adorable, creative, and fun-filled musical productions! We hold two performances each school year: a Christmas Program and a year-end Graduation Performance.  We work diligently with our students from day one to develop and strengthen speaking skills and confidence, therefore, each student is given a speaking part in our school performances. These performances take place on the stage of Harbor Day School and are a huge hit with the community and families.

Captain of the Week

Each student has the chance to be our classroom Captain of the Week during the school year. This is a super exciting week for the special student as well as the student's family and classmates! Each day is specially designed to highlight the uniqueness of the Captain and share their interests, dreams, hobbies, and more with their peers.  The Captain of the Week assignments are scheduled as close as possible to the students' birthdays, making this week extra special indeed.

Let's Celebrate!

Every holiday, big or small, is special in the eyes of a child.  We celebrate holidays in class and have a party to go with it!  Parents may volunteer to run craft centers, treat tables, and more during these fun events.  We also celebrate national "days" such as days of reading, kindness, Dr. Seuss's birthday, and many more.  To further introduce and incorporate curricular content, we have a handful of special days specifically tied in to our lessons in class such as hat day, crazy hair day, stuffed animal day, pajama day, and more.  Last, students love celebrating their birthday in class!

Additional Important Days

  • Fall Parent/Teacher Conference Day
  • Student Picture Day
  • 100th Day of School
  • Spring Parent/Teacher Conference Days
  • Special Talent Sharing Days*
*We absolutely LOVE having our students' parents, friends, or family members come to the class to teach us something new! In years past we have invited special grown-ups into the classroom to teach our students knitting, woodworking, karate, yoga, cooking, drums, juggling, and a lot more!
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