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Before & After School Enrichment Offerings

Our enrichment offerings are optional classes that allow children to explore various topics and interests independently of their regular school day at Pacific Shores Day School. Enrichment classes provide a host of benefits in academics, social-emotional development, creativity, physical health, and through the broadening of a child's interests.

CORE Athletic Training

Pacific Shores is proud to partner with CORE Athletic Training to exclusively offer Pacific Shores students after school athletics enrichment which focuses on physical development, confidence building, social skills practice and character strengthening.  CORE Athletic Training is a youth sports academy devoted to using sports as an avenue to positively impact the lives of children, both on and off the playing field. The goal of our after-school mixed-sports clinics is to instill a love for sports and physical activity, while continuing to develop a child’s specific sport skills and overall athleticism. Check out CORE online for more info!

Morning Enrichment with Miss Christina

Students have the opportunity to refine specific skills in the semi-private, small group (maximum of 6 students) setting before school begins.  Miss Christina specifically tailors each lesson to each student's unique interests, needs, and goals. 

This highly motivating, fun-filled time is very popular with our students!

Explorers Creative Lab with Miss Rashidi

PSDS is excited to be partnering with a locally adored educator, Shany Rashidi, to offer this phenomenal after school class! This Reggio-based instructional class utilizes themes drawn from the interests expressed by each child, Miss Rashidi cultivates a rich curriculum which combines nature, art, and self expression.  Using loose parts and creative materials, children create open-ended projects which let their creativity and ingenuity shine! Check out Miss Rashidi's Instagram for more information: @explorers_creativelab.

Art Class with Mrs. Hammond

PSDS students have the opportunity to take after school art class with a local art teacher, the fabulous Stacey Hammond!  Mrs. Hammond taught art at Harbor Day School for 17 years and is the founder and director of For Your Imagination (FYI), an art program dedicated to teaching students to “think outside the box.”  She cultivates a risk-free learning environment where students are encouraged to discover their individual abilities and style. Stacey is not only an educator, but an accomplished artist specializing in ceramics, and is constantly creating!  

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