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Dear Prospective Pacific Shores Day School Families,

Our family came to Pacific Shores Day School with little expectation, beyond the fact that we loved Miss Courtenay's curriculum and believed our son would thrive under her vision and framework.

Upon meeting Miss Christina in the Fall, her passion for teaching, love for children and desire to help them grow academically and personally was evident immediately. Our son warmed to her instantly, and we quickly saw Christina's upbeat and energetic demeanor mixed with Courtenay's curriculum was the perfect combination for success for our son. Miss Christina provided regular communication about how our son was doing and talked to us weekly, if not daily, relaying the latest happenings with our son in class and his progress. Her excitement as he grew with his schoolwork and socially rivaled my very own excitement at times - what a blessing to have a teacher so invested in and adoring of her students.

While Miss Courtenay provides the direction and Miss Christina implements the lesson plans, Miss Jenessa is the glue that holds Pacific Shores together. Miss Jenessa is incredibly organized and always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. Miss Jenessa's friendly demeanor and willingness to help make her the perfect motor keeping the Pacific Shores machine running. My son absolutely adores her and finds math in every activity we do throughout the day because of her unique ability to make numbers fun. I don't think my son felt "taught to" one day this school year. Miss Jenessa and Miss Christina have an uncanny ability to teach children in a way where they feel loved, enjoy themselves, and grow an unbelievable amount in the process, while not actually feeling like they're learning. My son never once bored of school or responded with the dreaded, "Nothing." response to the "What did you do at school today?" question. He left his school days energized and eager to talk about the latest happenings.

While this school year has been beyond magical for our son, the joy Pacific Shores Day School and these teachers brought to us and our family is not something I ever would have expected. My husband and I felt like Pacific Shores family from Day 1, and had several opportunities to participate in the classroom throughout the year. Even my younger 3-year-old son was greeted personally daily by Miss Christina and/or Miss Jenessa, and asks regularly how long until he is able to attend Pacific Shores like his big brother.

We will always be so thankful for these amazing teachers and our year at Pacific Shores. We also cannot wait to be back there in a couple of years, yet again!

My Very Best,

Kristen Gooding | Harbor Day School parent

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